Mrs. Richard M. Cadwalader
Camp Hill, PA
Opus 2096

16 Contra Viol
  8 Open Diapason
  8 Stopped Diapason
  8 Viol d'Orchestre
  8 First Violins III
  8 Gamba
  8 Muted Viol
  8 Muted Celeste
  8 Clarabella
  8 Doppel Flute
  8 Unda Maris
  4 Flauto Traverso
III Flute Mixture
16 Contra Fagotto
  8 Clarinet
  8 Orchestral Oboe
  8 Vox Humana
  8 Saxophone

     Gt to Gt 4
     Gt Unison Off
     Sw to Gt 16-8-4

All speaking stops
  duplexed from Swell
  Sw to Sw 16-4
  Sw Unison Off

16 Open Diapason
16 Bourdon
16 Violone
16 Contra Viol (Gt)
  8 Bass Flute
     Gt to Ped 8
     Sw to Ped 8


"When Richard M. Cadwalader, of a socially prominent Philadelphia family, and Emily Roebling,
granddaughter of the designer and builder of the Brooklyn Bridge, were married, they purchased the home.

"The affluent couple spent weekends and summers in the mansion, built in 1888 with more than 20 rooms.
In 1923, they added on to the mansion, which they had named Fairwold, because they thought it was too small.

"When Emily died in 1942, Richard sold Fairwold to his real estate agent, George B. Gay.
Gay lived in the building briefly, then divided it with a fire wall and donated half of it to
the Oreland Baptist Church in the 1940s. Thanks to provisions made by Gay in his will,
the mansion was to be forever used for worship."


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