Franklin Booth

Franklin Booth, born 1874 and raised in Indiana, was an artist who worked mainly with ink and a pen. His works are composed of thousands of lines, whose careful positioning next to one another determine the density and shade of that particular region. His unusual technique was the result of a misunderstanding: As a boy, Booth scrupulously copied magazine illustrations which he thought were pen and ink drawings. In fact, they were wood engravings.

Booth was primarily a commercial artist and his works have been used in Harpers, The Century Magazine, Everybody's Magazine, McClure's, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Good Housekeeping, House & Garden, Ladies Home Journal and others.

Despite the laboriousness of his technique, Booth's compositions were characterised by a grand sense of space. As a result, his drawings were often well-matched to poetic or editorial entries.

Among his works were a set of illustrations done for ads for the Estey pipe organ.

See posting of these ads on FLickr by Kristian Nordestgaard.

Country Life, January 1924

Country Life, July 1924

Country Life , March 1924

Country Life, May 1922

Country Life, May 1924

Country Life, November 1923

House & Garden, August 1922

House & Garden, December 1922

House & Garden, July 1923

House & Garden, October 1922

House & Garden, September 1923

House & Garden, September 1924

House Beautiful, May 1932

Vanity Fair, February 1923

Unpublished Drawing of Third Church
of Christ, Scientist, New York, NY
Opus 2074